Fracton CO2

The new generation of ablative lasers.

Multiplataforma Solon


ANVISA Nº 80520090010

Made in Brazil with
the best technology
in the world.

The Fracton CO2 is a Brazilian laser device developed and designed within the highest current technical standards.
Now with new sealed CO2 tube, maintenance-free and with more power! Honest price and the lower maintenance cost in the market.

Three application modes may be used

• Surgical • Fractional • Resurfacing

Clinical Indications

• Treatment of Wrinkles;
• Skin Whitening;
• Acne scars;
• Sagging;
• Open pores;
• Stretch marks;
• Surgical scars.


• Resistant, lightweight, ergonomic and functional;
• Total control in your hand:
a)shot button;
b)shape and size setting.


• Ultrapulse, superpulse and continuous wave;
• Full control through the handpiece (shots, type and size of the shape);
• Higher power - • New sealed and maintenance-free CO2 tube;
• The fastest in its category (400Hz);
• Usable area (20 x 20mm);
• 4 spot sizes available;
• Fractional, non-fractional and surgical;
• Resistant, lightweight, ergonomic and functional handpiece;
• The handpiece allows total control in your hand: shot button, shape and size setting;
• Simple and uncomplicated software in Portuguese.


• Ultrapulse, superpulse and continuous wave;
• Very high durability RF tube (coherent);
• Lightweight and ergonomic handpiece;
• Full control on the handpiece;
• Simple and modern software in Portuguese;
• Largest application area of the market (20mm²);
• Fracton Skin tone. Its use increases the safety and provides treatments tailored to every dermatological condition;
• Extremely fast;
• Made in Brazil with the best world technology;
• Free of consumables.

Innovative user interface with versatile treatment settings

• Possibility to save the most used settings;
• Simple and functional settings (density, flow, shape, pulse and repetition);
• Shape size (20mm²);
• Fracton Skin Tone – phototype analyzer;
• Higher flow (300mJ).

Better clinical outcomes

The Fracton CO2 offers an easy-to-use interface that allows to treat a wide range of clinical indications more quickly and efficiently.

Penetration depth (100μm spot), the largest in the market!

Note: not staked shots.

Ultrapulse and Superpulse

This system with very short pulse duration allows high-performance treatments in virtually all types of skin, with minimal thermal damage (hyperthermia) to the adjacent tissues. Fast treatments with short downtime.

Pulse Duration x Flow

Up to 60 Joules:Ultrapulse | Over 60 Joules: Superpulse | Cut: Continuous Wave

Technical Specifications

Laser type

CO2 Laser


10600 nm


30 W


Touch Screen


0.2 a 2.0 mm

Beam width

120, 300 and 1000 microns

Pulse duration

0.05 a 10 ms

Repetition rate

Max. 400Hz

Operation mode

Automatic and manual


300 mJ

Vision beam

650nm 5mW 3G diode laser

Hinged arm

7 mirrors


120, 300 and 1000 microns

Scanning area

20 x 20 mm


52 kg


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Av. Desembargador Paulo Passalácqua, 56
Pacaembu - CEP: 01248-010 - São Paulo/SP
Tels.: +55 (11) 2361-8923 / +55 (11) 2361-8957

Av. Desembargador Paulo Passaláqua, 56 - Pacaembu
CEP: 01248-010 - São Paulo/SP
Tels.: +55 (11) 2361-8923 / +55 (11) 2361-8957


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